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3015 Brigantine Blvd, Brigantine, NJ 08203

8am-9pm (609) 264-8801 Free Delivery Brigantine

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Mediterranean Dinner

    take the mystery out of Greek...


We offer several delicious options that are...

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Customer Testimonials

“Yummy! A friend’s recommendation, a new favorite”

“Yummy! A friend’s recommendation, a new favorite”

We have been vacationing in Brigantine for 26 years. This year, on the last day of our vacation, my friend, who was staying with us and who had never been to Brigantine before, asked to take us to lunch-our choice of restaurant- as a way of thanking us for our hospitality. It wasn’t an easy choice since my family has diverse preferences and our friend’s family has severe dietary restrictions and food allergies. She mentioned that she and her children ate at the Macedonian Grill earlier in the week specifically because of the wide availability of dishes her daughter can eat. They loved the food. She has Armenian parents, so we trusted her judgment about the food. She was right.

Between the 8 of us, we ordered a bunch of different items from lunch menu and a couple breakfast items too. We didn’t order dessert because we were so full, but what was in sight looked delicious! Everyone was happy with what they ate. We will definitely return. I didn’t think the prices were high.

  • Visited June 2015
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